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To Mr. Lee and his Family:

We’re deeply saddened by the demise of Mr. Lee.
Our condolences goes to the members of his family.

Mr. Lee lived upto 91.

To live upto 84 years itself is a life well lived and complete life. 84 years will mean, life lived to witness 1008 new/full moon(s).

May Mr. Lee rest in peace.
Thanks for his wonderful leadership during his stay in Singapore.

We understand LIFE is eternal, only body leaves.
Mr. Lee, if there is such as reincarnation for you, please come back to Singapore.

RengaNathan & Family.

Dear Mr Lee
I came to Singapore 16 years ago to pursue my tertiary education because i firmly believe that i will do well in a society that is built based on meritocracy. Not only i completed my study here in NTU, but received scholarship from MOE to pursue further education in MIT.

I had a short encounter with you during my day in NTU. It is a moment that i cherish in my heart because i have learn so much from that encounter.

If it is not you and your effort to build a nation based on meritocracy, i will not be able to see the world and achieve so much in my life.

Me, my family, and our generations to come will make our mark in the history on this green earth and make you proud.

Thanks for your effort and contribution to the nation,

Rest well. May god bless your and rank your soul among the righteous
Your Fellow Singaporean

Choong Chee Huei and Family

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

Thank you for what you have done for Singapore. Your outstanding leadership gave us the direction in transforming Singapore from Third World to First, as well as the guts to believe we could achieve that.

I will always remember your wisdom and conviction in ensuring Singapore’s success. Some lessons that you taught me (through your books) are:

1. Non-corruption is critical to success

2. A leader must always think in the best interest of his people, and not be easily swayed by others’ opinions

3. A leader must be bold in order to realise his vision

4. One should live his/her life with determination, discipline, based on good values, with no worries over what others would think, and with no regrets

I feel that the best way to honour you and show my respect is to remember your wisdom, and continue to do my part in improving Singapore as well as our society.

Thank you, Sir.

Rest in peace.
Ivan Yeo